Ms. Bettye's Kitchen - Ms. Bettye
About Ms. Bettye
Ms. Bettye truly has a God-given talent for baking.  She loves preparing desserts and bringing joy for those special times in her customers' lives.  While her career covers four decades, Ms. Bettye continues to expand her baking knowledge as she loves to learn new skills and techniques within the industry.
Ms. Bettye's career began in Houston, TX where she not only served as Head Decorator for many Grocery Chains, but she was an integral part in the build out of bakeries for Signature Store locations.  Throughout her time in the grocery store segment, Ms. Bettye learned to operate a bakery and focus on the important aspect of her craft, the customer.  She has a knack for knowing her customers and each work of art she produces is unique to the individual. 
After many years of service in retail, Ms. Bettye decided to take a leap of faith and Ms. Bettye's Kitchen was birth. Ms. Bettye's Kitchen offered cookies and pies initially.   Word of mouth was the primary method of marketing Ms. Bettye's Kitchen and her customer base steadily grew within the Houston area.    Unfortunately, in 2004, Ms. Bettye experienced a loss of her home due to a fire.  She decided to take another leap of faith and she moved to Dallas, TX for a fresh start.  Ms. Bettye began Ms. Bettye's Kitchen in 2005 after relocating to Dallas and as the saying goes, "The rest is history!" 
Today, Ms. Bettye has increased her menu to include a variety of desserts, whether personalized or family size.  She also offers wedding cakes and any other custom cakes your heart may desire.  In addition, during any holiday or special time of the year, you can find Ms. Bettye baking Valentine Hearts or Bears for that special someone, cupcakes for that Girl's Night Out, Thanksgiving Desserts, or Christmas Cookies.  You name it, Ms. Bettye will work to have your order made special just for you.
In her spare time, Ms. Bettye loves spending time with her family.  She has four sons, and four grandchildren.  Needless to say, Ms. Bettye never has a dull moment in her life, but she will never forget to recognize, without God her life would not be possible!